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How to Make an Effective Social Media Plan for Your Online Store

This basically means how well can you use the social media to strategize your marketing plan for Phillipine and execute it efficiently. Social media is a boon if used properly. It helps in promoting the business to a large number of people in and around the country in a very short span of time. Your product can be famous both locally and globally at the same time.

How to prepare a Social Media Plan

A Social Media Marketing Plan specifically created for a country is a structure with four fundamental parts. The initial analysis forms the first part of the social media strategy of the company itself and the competitors.

Depending on the analysis, a social media strategy will be carried out. Subsequently, the results will be executed and measured to optimize them. This will verify whether any deviations are occurring along the way or not.

Although the social media plan is a document, it should never be seen as a closed document. Because, whenever new tools, new social networks or changes in the customer appear, it will be necessary to adapt the entire marketing strategy in social networks to these changes. Therefore, it will always be a dynamic document.

Stages of a Social Media Plan for Phillipine

1) Analysis stage

The analysis is a great way of discovering the facts and figures and deriving a conclusion. Every social media plan must start from a well-structured analysis to understand what situation you are in and determine where you want to go. Analysis helps you create a clear report of what, who, where, how and when is going to be targeted. They also would be the tool where you can decide how effectively you need to use the social media by properly channelising your resources.

A proper analysis needs a proper plan of action so that the desired goals are achieved.

Throughout this article, you will see the ten essential steps to know how to make a social media plan for active social networks in Phillipine.

2) Social Media Audit

Before starting to develop your Social Media Marketing Plan you should know the current situation in which the company is concerning social media marketing, reputation, and online positioning.

For this you must do a social media audit in which you must analyse:

  • Evaluation and performance of past actions - If in the past, you carried out a similar campaign, what was the outcome? What was the shortcoming and what were the positive points? Was there any effect of the previous campaign? These are some of the facts that you need to work on. This will help you design your current plan of action accordingly.
  • Types of content used in each social network - Each social network has a different algorithm that needs to be followed to get effective results. An advertisement on Facebook is slightly different than that of Twitter. The better you understand the dynamics, the better it would be for you to place your ideas in these social media sites.
  • Active engagement in publications - Reputed publications help your brand build an image among its readers. There are millions of readers of a publication at any given point in time. If you manage to grab the attention of the user base, you can expect a good business for yourself. Make sure you use this as a tool to promote your brand in the best possible way.
  • Analysis of the reputation of the company and problems they have had.
  • Customer service in social networks - Social media websites are a great place to interact with your customers and get their feedback. If you are capable enough to resolve the customer’s problem on the social media platform itself, it is going to save a lot of time and hassle for the customer. This will also boost up your brand reputation. People buy products and services but stay with the brand with the amount of ease and comfort they get as a user over other brands. This is also known as user experience.
  • Tools used to carry out the actions - Some of the greatest social media tools are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. These tools enhance the reach of your social media promotions. You need to find out how and which social media platform is going to give you benefits. Understand the number of specific users, their requirements and then plan accordingly to use these tools.
  • Analysis of the web or blog - Analysis of the blog or website specifically area wise is necessary. Analysis of website and blog means analysing all the content inside. The content attracts more and more public. A better content that has consistency helps to create the brand impression. The more engaging and relevant the content is, the more people come to view it. If the content is resolving people’s problems, it helps in creating customer loyalty as well. Moreover, if the content is great, it will have a great number of views in no time. If you find out the perfect platform for your promotion, you will get a good outreach.
  • Analysis of the web positioning - Web positioning is the process to position your website in such a way that it comes in the top of the search results in the search engines. So, for this, you need to do a deep research on how to accomplish the task. This will take a significant amount of SEO, HTML optimization, appropriate selection of keywords and phrases initially. Later on, there are many tasks that can be done. An in-depth analysis helps you to achieve your results with much hassle.
  • Analysis of campaigns in Google AdWords and Social Ads - Google AdWords help you to display brief advertisements and service and product listings. After analysis, you will have to place your advertisements and offerings to the platforms which provide you the maximum benefits by clicks that redirect users to your online portal.
    To correctly perform the social media audit, you must do all the analysis for both your project and the competition.

3) Set goals

The second thing you should do is define the purpose you want to achieve.

Being clear about what you want to achieve is going to be essential for your social media plan to be effective. The SWOT (Strength Weakness Opportunity Threats) analysis that you will have should focus on the factors that will allow you to reach your goal or may prevent you from entering it.

Besides, associating the goal must be related to the overall business objective of the company.


Finally, the objectives of the social media marketing plan will be to increase web store traffic to be later able to convert it into a customer. However, what is the use of doing a social media plan if your web store it is not properly optimized? You will be missing on a huge number of possible sales and loyal customers if this is ignored.

For it will be necessary to analyze the usability and accessibility of the web store and the landing pages of connectivity and sale that the company has.

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