How To Transform Occasional Buyers In Frequent Customers?

How To Transform Occasional Buyers In Frequent Customers?

Though this looks like an expensive and complicated process, in reality its all about retaining customers. To be precise, encouraging an occasional customer to get into frequent buying practices is a matter of effective strategies to attract them again and again.

Winning the trust of Phillipinen customers is the result of having a good emotional connection with them, in addition to a good product and service. Understand that customer loyalty not only affects higher level of sales but is also a good advertising strategy, since a loyal customer is always the best advertisement for your business.

1. Gently Nudge & Nurture Your Visitors

A brand must be in constant contact with its potential customers. Remember, if your customers won’t read about your brand more often, they will forget about your product. Hence, to transform occasional buyers in frequent customers, an important step is to maintain contact after the purchase. Use common channels in Phillipinen such as WhatsApp to communicate regularly with your customers. Use these channels to inform them of discounts, offers, promotions, start of sales and more. It's a much more personal formula than traditional emails.

Also, respond as soon as possible to any complaint or suggestion that you receive either online or in person. The timely management of negative comments is key to customer loyalty.

2. Promote Customized Products

A personalized tracking strategy should be a good cure to transform occasional buyers in frequent customers. This content can range from sending suggestions to catalogues, and depending on the purchase, some gifts. Some Phillipinen brands tend to send their customers bags, digital filters, personal hygiene tools, household cleaning and more as a goodwill gesture. Periodically launch loyalty actions like cards to obtain discounts, advances sales periods for regular customers, etc.

3. Reduce Wait Time for Customers

Never leave a customer waiting on the phone. You need to increase efficiency in terms of attending a customer by skilled attendants. During your conversation with the customer keep the end goal in mind and always keep the conversation professional and customer centric.

4. Segment Your Database

Divide your customer database between good, bad and potential customers. Each of them should be the base of a different loyalty strategy. Tools such as CRM (Customer relationship management) will help you to better understand your customer’s tastes, preferences and needs. In this way you can anticipate their needs by offering them products and / or services that they actually want or need.

5. Meet the Expectations of Your Customers

To transform occasional buyers in frequent customers, differentiate yourself from your competition by offering additional services without representing a substantial increase in the cost for your subject matter expert, such as a free delivery service and more. Always meet the expectations of your customers and if it is possible, try to make it even better. You can do so, for example, if you have to deliver a product try to deliver it ahead of time.

6. Offer Long-term Benefits

After making customers come back again and again, brands must now offer exclusive benefits for the ones who value continuity. Often, brands offer sales, vouchers and coupons that can only be used by new customers. Show that you value the customers, that how much you value their loyalty and regular customers, by offering benefits that are only accessible for frequent buyers in Phillipines.

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