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  • January 15, 2018

Have you ever wondered which products are the best seller products in Philippines. eCommerce is getting popular every passing day, so if you are an entrepreneur or you already have a business, you must be aware of the importance of knowing about which products are the most popular in your country.

Sometimes we find it difficult to find real data on the best seller products in Philippines by many companies, but above all, we have a great option that many professionals do, and it is to look at the searches that are done most in Google, or in other search engines, and this indicator will tell us which products are the most sought after, consequently, it will be understood that They are the best-selling products, being the most demanded products.
So if you are looking for what have been the best selling products in 2017-18, here are some details for you:

1. Womenswear-

Who does not love having a closet full of clothes that allows you to dress differently and original each day? Hence when it comes to the best seller products in Philippines, you only need to enter an eCommerce website and take a walk through its main menu to realize that clothing is the flagship product for most. But, above all, what sells the most on the Internet is women's clothing.

2. Technology of all kinds-

We know that the word technology covers many things, but if we had to dedicate a section to each type of product we would never end this post. In fact, we already made a list of the 10 most purchased technology products in 2017-18.

Mobile phones are undoubtedly one of the top products to sell online in Philippines, so you have to stop by them. On the other hand, in addition to laptops, cameras, music players or tablets, we also want to highlight the presence of video games.

3. Sports stuff-

The awareness of doing sports that exists today is reflected in the things that are sold more online. Every time there are new gyms opening, more people who go out to run, more paddle fans, more hikers, there have to be more products for them.

Sportswear and sports accessories are one of the products that are most sought after. For many, it is just a hobby and they do not want to spend a lot of money on it or, even, they are just starting and do not know if they will like it. Therefore, you can also try selling your old sports products through second-hand apps and websites.

4. Articles for babies and children:-

Another sector that occupies a lot of space on the Internet and that sells for ripping is that of babies and children. In addition to clothing, items such as baby trolleys or car seats are highly in demand.

5. Handmade products:-

Handmade items, especially those that are personalized depending on the preferences of the buyer, are very well received. Many people enter eCommerce sites looking for things that catch their attention, whether for home decoration or for gifts.

This case is a bit different from the previous ones since you need to be good at some type of craft to make the products. Be original, since you could offer anything from a drawing to a garment, from a clay figure to a bracelet.

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